What Your Pavers
Should NOT Look Like

Beware Of Bad Sealing Jobs & Inexperienced Paver Sealing Services

Here are a few pictures of what your pavers should NOT look like. These are photos of our customers homes before we restored their properties. Many of these issues could have been prevented if they would have used our professional sealing company.

This is a tiny sample of bad seal jobs. Many companies that seal pavers have no idea how to do the job right. We spend a lot of time fixing the damage other companies cause to our customers. I have been perfecting my craft for 30 years. Many companies are fly-by-night or farm out the actual work to unskilled labor. Others are simply very bad at what they do.

Do your pavers look like any of these photos?

What our customers say companies do is a rush cleaning if they even do a cleaning and then use cheap inferior products. We also have customers tell us the last company used the same products we use, but they use a very thin layer (so they can bid lower). This will cause the product to fail. Others will use 2 coats, but thin the product beyond the company specifications. This also will cause the sealing lifespan to be shortened.
Many times a handy person can say they know how to seal pavers, but do not let them try their first attempts or new material on your property. Call in the professional who has been sealing for 30 years and has a proven track record. Call Tropical Paver Sealing in the area nearest you. See our list of servce locations.

Issues we see daily:

  • Whitening of the Pavers (Efflorescence): Moisture in the solvent based sealer, improper sealing technique, bad or wrong sealer, excess sand, etc.
  • Excess sand in the sealer: Don’t get bamboozled with sales people saying we will throw in sand for free.  It costs the company pennies to use, some companies don’t care and seal it on the surface of your pavers because they are not neat or they leave your pool deck like a beach.
  • Mold & Mildew: Standing water, pavers which are not sealed can mildew, and sand mildews from moisture.
  • Growth: tree and plant roots under pavers. Note to customers – the sealers we use are non-toxic and are NOT a pesticide or incecticide it ONLY slows the process down.
  • Grease Stains: If a paver is not sealed, grease can penetrate and be permanent. When sealed properly grease and other stains have a much harder time getting through the sealer onto the paver.

The following is just one of the many reviews for paver sealing that we have received since 1983. To read more, see our testimonials page. Member: Vicky Skaff, APPLE VALLEY, MN 55124 (home in Orlando, FL)

Work Completed Date: October 28, 2014
Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work:
A contractor was hired, upon the recommendation of the weekly pool maintenance company that has serviced my son’s pool for the last three years. The contractor was paid to fix some collapsed pavers around the pool deck; pressure wash the deck, re-sand between the joints of the pavers and apply sealant. The contractor did such a terrible job that Tropical Paver Sealing was hired to restore the pool deck to close to what it looked like before the contractor ruined it.

Review: My son, whom I help out because he travels extensively, wanted to start preparing his home for sale. There were a few low spots around his pool deck. I called his regular maintenance pool service to ask if they do these type of repairs. They didn’t but recommended two different companies. The first company was too busy, the second company came to give an estimate. The second company stated it would be no problem to repair the low spots around the pool deck. The service person also stated that the decking should be pressure washed, re-sanded to prevent week growth, and sealed to give the block a slight wet look. I informed my son, and he agreed. The contractor stated that the cost would be $1,510. I thought the cost was more than fair, in fact a little low but I wasn’t going to argue. The contractor started the job. My son paid the contractor and my son left for six weeks. When my son came back his pool deck was all full of weeds, one area of the block that had been repaired had fallen into the soft ground, there was sand all over the top of the pool deck and the sealant was sprayed on top of the sand-gluing the sand to the top of the pool deck. The company was called and left text messages, they never responded back.

I checked Angie’s List and found Tropical Paver Sealing. I called and explained the situation to Dana. Dana came out immediately and looked at the pool deck. Dana stated they could restore it but it would be a lot of work and it wouldn’t come all the way back to what it was. My son didn’t care…he wanted it restored the best it could be because he wanted to put the home up for sale. Dana sent a crew of two guys and expected it to take a full day just to strip it and part of another day to sand it and seal it. After a few hours the two-man crew called Dana and said the stripping was not coming along as they expected. Dana had to put four-men on it and they took two one-half days to do 3 strippings, pressure wash, re-sand the joints, and 3 seals to get it to look back to normal. There are still a few areas that are stained, but it looks so much better. Dana was in contact with me every day to tell the progress. He was also patient when i asked questions. The pavers looked fabulous…like they should’ve looked when we hired the first contractor. p.s. Dana also gave us the name of a company that could really repair the soft areas around the pool deck and did a great job too

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Owner is very engaged in the company. Anyone I dealt with was courteous and professional. Would highly recommend them for any type of paver sealing.

    Jack Hedenstrom


    This is our second experience with Tropical Paver Sealing and once again are completely satisfied with the quality of the job and the professionalism of the staff.

    Ricardo Jimenez


    Great, prompt, professional service. What an improvement of the drive way and pool deck. Very satisfied with the work. I wish all my contractors we're this good.

    John Anderson

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