Driveway & Sidewalk Sealing

Driveway And Sidewalk Paver Sealing

Paver sealing is one of the best ways to protect the wise investment you’ve made by installing a stone or brick paver driveway &/or sidewalk. Curb appeal for your home or office is greatly increased by having pavers. They welcome your guests that drive or walk up to your home or office and leave a lasting impression. Pavers will never go out of style. If you have them sealed, your driveway and walkways will continue to provide an ageless look for your property.

Tropical Paver Sealing is the best choice when hiring a professional paver sealing company. We are careful to clean and restore your stone driveway and sidewalks using the best methods and products. Read some of the testimonials from our customers, and we think you’ll agree, our services are second-to-none. See our list of service locations.

Not only will paver sealing enhance the beauty of your pavers, it will also lock in the joint sand. Sidewalks and driveways are notorious for attracting weeds. Sealing pavers helps prevent seeds from germinating in the mortar, causing weeds to grow and break through the pavers. Pests, such as ants will also find it more difficult to make your sidewalk or driveway their home if your pavers are sealed.

Driveway Paver Protection

As with all concrete driveways, oils from vehicles can stain an unprotected surface. Clay brick, travertine pavers or natural stone driveways and sidewalks can, and should be sealed, to allow the greatest amount of protection from these oils and stains as possible. We recommend sealing every two to three years. By continuing to seal your pavers, you’ll extend the life of your investment.

Sidewalk & Driveway Restoration

Perhaps you have purchased a home or office with existing pavers that were never sealed. Weeds have invaded the sidewalk, or mildew has darkened the natural beauty of your driveway. Another scenario that we are often contacted about is restoring pavers sealed improperly requiring chemical stripping. Tropical Paver Sealing offers paver restoration and will carefully clean, restore and seal your pavers to look as good as possible. In many cases the original appearance of pavers is achieved, and they look as good as new!

Commercial or Residential Paver Sealing Services

Driveways and sidewalks are high traffic areas regardless if they are in a residential or commercial location. When they are made from clay, masonry and natural stones, the permeable paver system demands a quality sealing job. We can recommend the best paver protection to fit your needs. We will work with your business to schedule your paver sealing service when it is convenient for your business. Read more about our commercial services. We will also provide thorough instructions for you as the owner.

Our paver sealing services will enhance, restore and protect your pavers, adding value to your investment for years to come. If you are still debating on whether to seal or not to seal, please consider the curb appeal your paver sidewalk and driveway provides. If you have other questions concerning driveway paver sealing, read our FAQ page, or contact us.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Owner is very engaged in the company. Anyone I dealt with was courteous and professional. Would highly recommend them for any type of paver sealing.

    Jack Hedenstrom


    This is our second experience with Tropical Paver Sealing and once again are completely satisfied with the quality of the job and the professionalism of the staff.

    Ricardo Jimenez


    Great, prompt, professional service. What an improvement of the drive way and pool deck. Very satisfied with the work. I wish all my contractors we're this good.

    John Anderson

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