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Pool Deck & Patio Sealing, Restoration & Maintenance

One of the best hardscape or pedestrian uses of stone pavers includes the swimming pool and patio deck. With so many patterns, colors and textures available, they are perfect for around pools and backyard patios. There are many advantages, yet like any investment, proper care and maintenance will be required to keep your paver pool deck or patio in tip-top condition.

Pavers are great around pool decks. They are durable, slip resistant and provide a beautiful, quality outdoor living space. However, the very reason they provide traction for humans is also the reason mold, mildew and weeds can invade your deck with their porous surface. Some people worry that if pool pavers are sealed, they will become slippery. That is not true. Tropical Paver Sealing’s sealant provides a matte finish which protects against natural elements, and is not slippery. It actually can make the surface feel “soft” against your bare feet. Take a look at some of our photos!

Before and After Photos: Fixing Other Company's Paver Repair Job


Sealed pool pavers and stone patios can provide protection against staining. Go ahead and enjoy dining outside. Have a backyard barbecue! If spills occur, the sealed patio paver is much more resistant to staining than an unprotected surface. Bleach and chlorine products often used around swimming pools can also harm pool decks. Pavers naturally resist many harsh chemicals. Even salt water pools cannot harm a paver pool deck that is sealed properly. We use Seal ‘n Lock, so you can rest assured our products will not harm people, pets or plants. It provides a long-lasting, natural luster. A sealed pool deck is a long-term investment that will continue to serve you and your family well.

Homeowners know that a patio area with added comfort amenities, combined with the conveniences for outdoor dining and entertaining can also increase their quality of life for years to follow. Your pool decking is the most prominent feature of your pool. You will be looking at it for many years to come. When well-designed, properly installed and maintained, your pool deck can actually increase the appraised value of your home, even in times of a real estate downturn. Protect it by having Tropical Paver Sealing perform sealing service or restoration services on your pool deck or paver patio.

Pavers are naturally cooler in hot weather than concrete. This makes it a perfect surface for hot summer days when your pool and patio will get the most traffic. There are other benefits too. Want to add on? Match your pavers and expand your patio. Want other hardscape surfaces, such as planter boxes, raised walls, fountains, benches and pillars? They can all be added to match your pool or patio deck! After they are installed, ask the installer if a sealant is required or is recommended. In many cases, you will want your pavers sealed. Contact us for a free estimate.

Pavers are softer than normal concrete that is why it is imperative to have them sealed every 2-3 years. They quickly break down from the elements, this can be seen when you compare the exposed pavers to those located under cover. The white specks you see in the exposed pavers are the aggregate from the inside. We cannot fix the discoloration or problem, but we can prevent further damage.

One of the reasons pavers are so popular around pools is that they can be removed for maintenance when issues arise with your pool pump and system. They also resist harsh weather, including rain, snow (we don’t worry much about that!) and rotting leaves. However, over time, some signs of wear can be seen, especially if proper maintenance has not been performed. Efflorescence can also become a problem. Tropical Paver Sealing can restore your pool deck or patio area to an almost new appearance. Even aging pavers can look new again! Your restored paver deck will resist staining, fading and future wear. So many benefits! 

Pavers reflect your personal style and provide a focal point for your outdoor living. Don’t have them installed, then ignore their care! Call Tropical Paver Sealing at 727-786-4011 and let us seal your pavers providing long lasting enjoyment. Check out our service locations, and for a free estimate, contact us.

We Also Service
Commercial Pool Decks!

If you have a small or large swimming pool for a commercial property, we can seal your deck, patio and lanai. Stain prevention and easier maintenance are just two of the reasons our commercial clients use our paver sealing services. Many country clubs, condominiums, hotels and resorts hire Tropical Paver Sealing to restore and protect their pool decks. Read more about our commercial services and contact us for a free estimate!

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